About us

We are affiliated with Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo, which is one of the oldest departments in any Universities in Japan.

Our lab is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of scientists who specialize in analytical chemistry, molecular imaging, protein engineering, medicinal chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical biology and basic biology. Although we are in part of the chemistry department, our lab interacts across conventional boundaries with researchers in systems biology, medicine, agriculture, physics and biology.

We are exploring new optical methods to deepen understanding of biological systems and to break new ground in applications to the world of life. For this objective, our laboratory is investigating methods for optical imaging, chemical library screening, cDNA library screening, and optogenetic modules to control enzymatic activities in complex biological systems of interest.

Everyone in our group is a member of large laboratory family. Our activity is then beyond science; many seminars, mountain climbing, skiing, summer school in local area, etc, where we are inspiring novel scientific ideas through communication with different-field scientists. Our laboratory appreciates your interests in our research and to join our laboratory.